12V 120W Folding Solar Power Blanket, including MPPT Controller

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Featuring highly efficient photovoltaic cells and auto-optimization, the ATEM Power Portable Folding Solar Panel ensures you always have electricity even when you’re off the grid. The portable monocrystalline solar panel set safely and reliably recharges your batteries wherever you go. A-grade monocrystalline solar cells achieve and a built-in MPPT controller increase efficiency, boosting your charge speed with an energy conversion rate of 21-percent. Useable with numerous batteries, the charger works with AGM, lead acid, gel, calcium, and LiFePO4 batteries, keeping all your devices recharged whether you’re camping near the city or far from the nearest outlet. The kit includes the folding solar panel, an MPPT controller, a 50A Anderson extension cable, alligator clip cable, a 50A to 30A Anderson cable, and a 30A Anderson to DC cable, everything you need for easy battery charging in your camper, van, trailer, or boat. Recharge your phone even when you’re in the wilderness. Giving you clean power anywhere the sun shines, you’ll enjoy the efficiency and speed of the ATEM Power Folding Solar Panel.

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